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Translating and especially publishing texts in Asian languages requires a good knowledge of publishing technology. Most Asian characters are encoded on 16 bits, unlike most European characters which are encoded on 8 bits. To handle this difference, it is necessary to have compatible software and printing equipment.

Over the years, AMA asian translation & graphics Ltd. has developed a simple graphic chain. This enables Asian languages to be edited in their original layouts without needing to use specialised publishing software. All the documents delivered can easily be processed by any printer.

For translation, we use and process texts on both MAC and PC.

For graphic design, we only use Macintosh. For the Web, video and software development, we adapt according customer's requests.


It is not easy to work with Asian languages, whether for translation or graphic design.
For this reason most of our orders are for ready-to-use solutions.

Ready-to-use means that we also handle the pre-press tasks to prepare the layouts for the translated texts.

Concretely, we can manage the localisation of your French or English brochures into Asian languages, from translation to printing.

AMA asian translation & graphics Ltd. also manages all aspects of communication among translators and proofreaders.