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Graphic workflow
It is customary to undertake translation and layout into an Asian language once the French or English document has been finalised, or is about to be finalised.
However, due to stress, we tend to take short cuts in order to save time.
Experience shows that it is actually quicker to work through a couple of easy steps to make sure quality standards and deadlines are met.

Basic steps:
1. : Make sure the original text has been finalised.
2. : Translate the document.
3. : Proofread the translations before doing the layout.
4. : Do the layout.
5. : Check the layout.

There are several ways of doing layouts in Asian languages (languages using ideograms).
a. Layout directly in desktop publishing software
The layout is done using special software (Xpress) for languages with characters encoded on 16 bits.
The final document cannot be opened in French or English versions of Xpress.
The films have to be produced in Asia or at a specialised printer's.
b. Layout using vectorised characters
This solution enables ideograms to be transformed into vectorised drawings.
The pages are produced using drawing software and then imported into Xpress.
The films can be produced at any printer's.

Western graphics are often incompatible with Asian languages. Typographic sets, character size, etc.
Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are already considering having something translated into an Asian language.

:: Download the "Asian" graphic workflow chart >>